A few of the things we’re working on

Paleoclimate State Estimation

Where Kalman filters meet paleoclimate proxies


the future of past climates

Models vs Observations

Bridging the gap to improve predictions

Proxy System Modeling

A mechanistic representation of paleoclimate proxies

Climate Statistics

There are 3 types of lies: lies, damn lies, and failing to do statistics.

Selected Publications

Studying the temperature of the past 2,000 years used to be a tangled mess. It’s still challenging, but now we have a community-curated, consistently-formatted database that lends itself to exploratory work, sensitivity analyses, and more complex reconstruction algorithms. It’s a much more civilized way to study the climate that reigned over Western Civilization (including the fateful Industrial Revolution).
Sci Data, 2017

Recent Publications

More Publications

(2018). LinkedEarth: Supporting Paleoclimate research with crowdsourced ontologies, software, and data standards. EarthCube All Hands Meeting.

Project Source Document

(2018). The Linked Earth Ontology: A Modular, Extensible Representation of Open Paleoclimate Data. Earth Sci. Infor..

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The people behind the science

Present Members

Past Members

  • Michael Erb, postdoc (2016-2017). Now postdoc at Northern Arizona University.
  • Sylvia Dee, graduate student (2010-2015). Now assistant professor at Rice University.
  • Jianghao Wang, graduate student (2010-2015). Now a data scientist at The Mathworks, Inc.
  • Yuxin Zhou, undergraduate research fellow. Now graduate student at Columbia University.
  • Maud Comboul, postdoc (2012-2015), now Assistant Professor at Ecole Polytechnique de l’Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis.
  • Dominique Guillot, postdoc (2010-2012). Now an assistant professor at the University of Delaware.

Teaching & Learning


I teach a variety of classes at USC, from General Education to Graduate seminars:



Our lab is always looking for motivated individuals to work on exciting projects, or birth new ones.


Selected appearances in written, audio, or video forms




  • TV interviews for the BBC, Associated Press, ABC 7, Al Jazeera English, ScienceNow, History Channel, ATVN. Sadly, because most reporters don’t follow through on their promises, I don’t have a link to the footage.